Injection Molding

Moores Glasswork are also able to offer a plastic injection moulding service to our South African clients. Thanks to our hard won expertise and state of the art equipment we are able to fabricate quickly, efficiently, and to an unmatched quality standard, a vast range of consumer and industrial products in house using machines rated from 15 tons to 300 tons. This facility is perfect for the development and testing of new products, and to facilitate this we are able to provide high quality design and tooling work on site. To complete the process and offer you the best possible service and product a complete finishing service is also available, which includes drilling, cutting, trimming, polishing and packaging. The entire process is undertaken using the latest machinery and equipment.

Moores Glassworks News 2015

Moores Glassworks have successfully purchased Sadems Industries, a Belgium-based maker of glass products and developer of computer-controlled glass processes see Sadems

Moores currently export to clients in the following countries:

  • North America
  • Puerto Rico
  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • All over Europe